Mabrook!!! You did it B’H!!!!

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The book is so gorgeous and useful; great stories, pictures, instructions…

What else can I say? I’m so so proud of you!

I remember when Rebbetzin Ruchama Shain was writing her books, she told me it took her about 9 months; and she felt like that was alot! I think she did the first one on a manual typewriter! So, she said it was like having a baby!

And AoA took years!!

I just wanted to give you my congratulations and I am sure that Jesse a’h is gaining more and more “schar” for all that his parents are doing in his memory. I hear that the learning in NYC is going great!

I thought that you would be interested in the below (perhaps for Rachamim’s family?).

Wishing you a healthy and happy year with lots and lots of simcha, health and good news!


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